Sister Angeles and Volunteers Setting at the Start of the Flea Market!

Today Sister Angeles and some volunteers from our community put on their monthly flea market in hopes of raising funds to support the children in Reynosa Mexico!

“Every little bit counts. I am just blessed to be apart of God’s work to help others.”

Sister Angeles 

Last year the Sisters of Jesus Mary and Joseph where able to give a total of $$$ directly to the missions in Reynosa, Mexico! To me, it is just a wonderful to behold as I can see every small part makes up a much grander picture! This year the Sister Angeles and her volunteers are looking to do even more to help out those in need in Reynosa by beating their fundraising amount from last year! I hope they meet and in fact exceed their expectations in this Year of Faith! So if anyone is out there looking for a great flea market sale, stop by this one! Your money will not be put to waste here and will be guaranteed to impact the lives of children in need in Reynosa, Mexico!

The Flea Market is Open!

Upcoming Flea Market Dates: