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Maraton Vocacional (Nun Run)

Prayers needed for several ladies that will be attending a Maraton Vocacional (Nun Run) this upcoming weekend. I am excited for each one of them!!! Please pray so that the Holy Spirit may touch their hearts so that they may come to know if our loving Lord is calling them to become dedicated and faithful servants of God, future religious sisters or nuns. Our Lord needs their hands, feet and heart to share his loving Presence with the world!Image

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Here, all the sisters
Chelita, Milagros and Carmen
Sr Luz in Marfa
Here, the best cook in the word
Here Gloria
More than fifty years to the service of the gospel

Nuestra familia de asociados misioneros/as JMJ renovando su compromiso, en San Antonio Texas.

H. Maria Laserna acompaña a este grupo


                      Let us prepare for the Ascension of the Lord!

I thank our loving Lord
for the gift of life,
for my consecration to Religious Life,
for the congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus, Mary & Joseph,
for my family of sisters,
for my mom, dad, brother and two sisters and all of my other family members,
for all of my friends,
and for every person that God puts in my path.
With love I share this video,
Your sister in Christ, Sister Irene

As Hispanics and Catholics, we have many traditions, but one very important tradition for our youth and their families is the celebration of their Quinceñera. It is a celebration of thanksgiving and transformation in a young ladies life.  It is a time when girls take a step into becoming  young ladies at the age of fifteen (quincein Spanish).

Getting to know the participants in “Dress Your Best.”

At our parish in San Antonio, TX, we have a team of wonderful youth who help in preparing and giving the Quinceñera (it can also be Sweet Sixteen) Retreat.  The team is made up of some young ladies who previously attended the retreat and are giving back to the community. Our retreat begins with a “Dress Your Best” icebreaker.  The team leaders actively participate with the young girls throughout the retreat.

A team leader shares tamales with the participants.

In addition, we share with the participants our cultural and religious traditions as Hispanics.  This is a very enriching activity for both the team leaders and the participants. 

Sister Irene shares what the Church teaches.

   Being a young lady/man in today’s world is challenging.  So we in different skits we act out and discuss some real life stituations that occur frequently in their lives like bullying, suicide, teen pregnacy, etc. We discuss and ask what would Jesus do in their situations and what does our faith teach us.  Afterward we take time to pray and reflect on what God call each participant to do.  We are reminded that who “I AM” is always a part of who we are.   We are part of bigger family, we are sisters and brothers in Christ and together we form the body of Christ.  We invite the youth to get involved and lastly let them know that after this day retreat, it is up to them to respond to what God invites them to. 

A particpant responds in a time of reflection.
Each one of us is a piece of the body of Christ.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead … 1 Peter 1:3
May this Easter bring you many blessings!!!

An outcast among her own people, she walks to the well to fill her water jar and not by coincidence, the Spring of Life waits for her. As Jesus engages her in conversation, she, with mistrustful suspicion listens and, all of a sudden, touches a chord that rang true in her life. A truth that freed her to see herself in a new light and proclaim Jesus as Messiah.
    Lifegiving God, give me a Samaritan woman’s heart so that I may see the truth of who I am and who you are; so that my life will be spent telling others that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

 by Sr. Gloria Rodriguez