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Our foundress, Mother Dolores Domingo, MJMJ is being remembered in a very special way as we celebrate 100 years from her birth on September 22, 2014! Our San Antonio community has remembered her in a special way with this special memorial!



Maraton Vocacional (Nun Run)

Prayers needed for several ladies that will be attending a Maraton Vocacional (Nun Run) this upcoming weekend. I am excited for each one of them!!! Please pray so that the Holy Spirit may touch their hearts so that they may come to know if our loving Lord is calling them to become dedicated and faithful servants of God, future religious sisters or nuns. Our Lord needs their hands, feet and heart to share his loving Presence with the world!Image

Sister Angeles and Volunteers Setting at the Start of the Flea Market!

Today Sister Angeles and some volunteers from our community put on their monthly flea market in hopes of raising funds to support the children in Reynosa Mexico!

“Every little bit counts. I am just blessed to be apart of God’s work to help others.”

Sister Angeles 

Last year the Sisters of Jesus Mary and Joseph where able to give a total of $$$ directly to the missions in Reynosa, Mexico! To me, it is just a wonderful to behold as I can see every small part makes up a much grander picture! This year the Sister Angeles and her volunteers are looking to do even more to help out those in need in Reynosa by beating their fundraising amount from last year! I hope they meet and in fact exceed their expectations in this Year of Faith! So if anyone is out there looking for a great flea market sale, stop by this one! Your money will not be put to waste here and will be guaranteed to impact the lives of children in need in Reynosa, Mexico!

The Flea Market is Open!

Upcoming Flea Market Dates:

The Sisters of San Antonio, Texas

Sister Irene Ybarra

Sister Irene Ybarra is from El Paso, Texas and became a sister on Friday, October 13, 2000. She has a love for God and helping others in need! She is a math teacher and is very skilled in minstry! She tremendously enjoys sharing her gifts by tutoring young women at Seton Home and inspiring young girls to develop a long and loving relationship with Christ as they prepare to celebrate their quinceñera or sweet sixteen.  She is a graduate student at the University of Incarnate Word.  In addition, she is a vocation promoter for her community and for the Vocations Office of the Archdioces of San Antonio, Texas. Currently, she is the youngest nun in the Missionaries of Jesus, Mary & Joseph in Texas. She likes long walks on the beach, encountering God in nature and praying with her loving husband the big JC!

Sister Angeles Villanueva

Sister Angeles Villanueva is from Juarbe, Valle de Ulzama, Navarra, Spain and became a sister on October 12, 1968 and came to Texas in 1978. She is a true caretaker of the blessings of God. She is a great garderner, caretaker of children and animals! She is very dedicated and a hard worker who is extremely responsible! Every month she is in charge of our monthly flea markets which benifit our missions in Reynosa, Tamps., Mexico! Her sisters describe her as a loving and responsible person who is ready and willing to help anyone in need.  WHAT A WOMAN!

Sister Juanita Ramirez

Sister Juanita Ramirez is from El Paso, Texas and became a sister May 31, 1964. She is the current CRE at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas where she ministers to the children of the community as well as their familes and parents. She has a deep passion for ministering to the families of God’s community! Her greatest joy in life is being apart of the congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. She loves her congregation and is an excellent cook! Her specilty is Mexican food especially her famous enchiladas and crispy tacos! You can always find Sister Jaunita filled with joy, a smile and a huge hug for anyone she meets!

Madre Maria Laserna

Madre Maria Laserna is from Fuensanta, Albacete, Spain and joined the Sisters of JMJ on October 12, 1946. MadreMaria is currently the eldest in the congregation of Missionary Sisters of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! She is not only the eldest sister, but she is the most lively! She loves living in her community of religious sisters and her passion is to share with the people the love that God has for them and the salvation that He offers! She is an excellent minister of the Word, very spiritual and a great councelor! She sews and makes beautiful banners and for many years sowed her sister’s habits.  She is truly a woman of God and has much to offer! Madre Maria has come to San Antonio, Texas from Spain and has been here since 1956!

Bishop Cepeda – Conference Speaker

We were fortunate enoough to attend the Catholic Formation and Leadership Conference whose theme was “Holiness: A Call for every Christian.”  This confernce offered many workshops on topics such as, practical ways to pursue holiness in your personal life and ministry. Information was provided on how you can gain tools to discern how to be most effective in ministry; learn to address and avoid burnout in ministry; hear ways to inspire our youth to holiness; and much more. This conference lasted two days and the Eucharist liturgy was central to each day. We where honored to have Bishop Arturo Cepeda, a former priest from San Antonio and now the youngest bishop, as a guest and speaker.

I personally learned to discern my gifts in ministry and those areas that I could improve upon. It was very inspiring to learn about the new ways to spread God’s call to holiness which inspires others to answer his call. I gaind a lot of knowledge from the different exhibits, speakers and networking with other ministers in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. I also have gained a new sense of commitment and dedication to promoting Christ’s message just as Venerable Fulton Sheen was bold enough to start through media and technology.

Bishop Cantu celebrant of mass

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It is such a blessing to know that we have been created by God freely to share in his own blessed life! It is for this reason that at every time and in every place God draws close to man! God draws close to us; he continually calls us to seek him, to know him and to love him! Not only does he do this but he also makes us apart of his direct family! To accomplish this he has sent us his only Son as Redeemer and Savior, in his Son and through him, he invites men to become, in the Holy Spirit, his adopted children and thus heirs of his blessed life.

In the excerpts from the Catechism today we learn that all those who have welcomed Christ’s call freely respond to it and are urged by the love of Christ to proclaim the Good News everywhere in the world. In this year of faith I challenge you all to be captivated by Christ’s love for you in your lives and be transformed by that love and continue to transform the lives of others by proclaiming His GOOD NEWS!

May the Lord Jesus reveal Himself to each one of you, that He will give you the strength to go out and profess that you are Christian. May God bless you, and may the joy of Jesus be always with you. Amen.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

This year we have been called to learn more about our faith and to study and reflect on the documents of Vatican II and the catechism so that they may deepen our knowledge of the faith! Today marks the first day of a commitment to read a part of the Catechism every day along with thousands of other Catholics and write a small adaptation of what was gathered from the readings assigned in the Catechism. This is a great resource out there for anyone who is interested in reading the Catechism in one day, it is called Flocknote. If you are interested in receiving daily emails with a piece of the Catechism in it please simply go to this website and register! You can do this, and do not worry if you start after the first day you can catch up or simply jump right in!

Sister Irene, Martha and Father Walter Ready for the Festival!

Sacred Heart today celebrated its annual Parish Festival! The theme this year for the festival was Mardi Gras. The community came together to celebrate, grow in community, and spend a wonderful time together at the festival. There where many booths at the festival; however, the best booth by far was Sister Juanita’s booth! She was in charge of the sodas and water booth! With the help of the CCD teachers and assistants the booth was a success! This year for the first year Sister had a recycle collection for all of the soda cans and bottles! It was the first year to offer recycling but it was a great success! Congratulations to Sacred Heart for another wonderful festival, thank you to all of the parish volunteers as well as friends and family members who came out to support this wonderful event!

Sister Juanita Setting Up!


Sister Juanita Starting the Living Rosary at Sacred Heart!

Today Sister Juanita organized the living rosary for the parish community and families of Sacred Heart in honor of the Parish Festival! In total over 11 CCD classes, teachers, assistants as well as their families all participated in the living rosary! Children that have been learning how to say the Hail Mary and Our Father participated with their teachers by standing as rosary beads! When it was their turn they recited their prayers flawlessly! After they said their prayer the children would then offer roses to the Virgen de Guadalupe. It was such a wonderful and spiritual experience shared by everyone present!

The children reciting the Hail Mary for the Living Rosary!